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Vintage 1960's Complete Gift Set of 34 Hand Painted Disneykins in Box by Marx #30000577

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Vintage 1960's Complete Gift Set of 34 Hand Painted Disneykins in Box by Marx #30000577


By Walt Disney Productions and Marx Toys. This rare set is in fantastic condition. This set includes all 34 Disneykins. Each Disneykin figurine is hand painted. The box is intact, unopened, and has only slight warping to the plastic and cardboard. Each figurine is housed in an individually labeled compartment. The box itself displays wonderfully since each compartment is viewable through a clear plastic window. The Blue Fairy and The Ringmaster have come unstuck but the figurines themselves are in fine condition. Box measures approximately 12/5"x10"x1". Overall, this hard to find set is in fine condition.

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Disneykins Box Set (#20000416)

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Disneykins are a unique brand of miniature hand painted plastic figures manufactured by the Marx Toy Company from 1961 to 1973. I would like to find this item with the box in good condition.

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