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Funskool Superhero Action Figure #30000776

Member photo Cryptkeeper found a ...

Funskool Superhero Action Figure #30000776


This figure was produced by funskool, the Indian subsidiary of Hasbro. The item is still sealed on its original card. Please note that there is some wear on the card. All in all a good example. The bubble is clear, but slightly squished.

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G.I. Joe Superhero Superman Action Figure (#20000166)

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Produced by Funskool in the early 1990s. They did not have rights to superman and created a knock-off with G.I. Joe parts. I really want this piece for my collection.

Well done! Accepted by Superman as a Match on 1394067010.0


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2014-03-06 00:07:46


2014-03-13 00:07:46

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