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Replica 19th Century Vampire Killing / Slaying / Hunting Kit #30002025

Member photo Rusty found a ...

Replica 19th Century Vampire Killing / Slaying / Hunting Kit #30002025


Unique Replica 19th Century Vampire Killing / Slaying Kit This is a Replica of a Vampire Killing Kit. Contents Include : Wooden Cross Rosary Beads Vintage Holy Bible Vintage Pliars (for pulling teeth) Silver Coloured Cross With Point Vampire Ashes (in bottle) Vampire Teeth (in bottle) Vampire Blood (in bottle) 6 Shot Pistol (replica non firing) Silver Coloured Shot (for pistol) Paper Cartridge Pack (for pistol) Replica Percussion Cap Tin (for pistol) Wooden Mallet Wooden Stake 4 glass bottles: 1. Brimstone 2. Agrimony 3. Vampirism 4. Powdered Garlic Dimensions Of The Box Are: W 35cm x H 10cm x L 29.5cm

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