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MEGO Star Trek Enterprise Playset Complete With Box #30002641

Member photo Scooter found an ...

MEGO Star Trek Enterprise Playset Complete With Box #30002641


MEGO STAR TREK USS ENTERPRISE PLAYSET---- Complete and like new! ---
Already 40 years old! This is a very nice high grade Star Trek playset. Compare to other sets out there the brass door lock and the rivets look almost new inside and out! Of the 28 rivets only a few have some tarnish(mainly a few bottom ones) There are no rips inside or out, the colors are vibrant and is very clean! The transporter red/green dots are like new, spins well and the red green stop buttons work. The accessories have not opened. The transporter decals will be bagged and boarded, the instructions and 6 cards will be bagged. The box has some shelf wear, all complete with flaps, no tears, stains or mold.

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