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MEGO 1976 Star Trek Phaser Battle #30002653

Member photo Scooter found an ...

MEGO 1976 Star Trek Phaser Battle #30002653


MEGO 1976 STAR TREK PHASER BATTLE WITH BOX TESTED AND WORKS 100%.  This unit has been displayed there is wear on the box from storage.  This unit comes with the ac adapter that was sold separately.  The battery compartments are clean.  This game is ready to be played.  The unit is 12 3/4 inches tall x 16 inches wide x 13 1/8 inches deep.  The MEGO company marketed this as a portable game however it works better on a table.

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MikeyMitts says... 2016-05-04 14:50:30
what happend to the phaser battle?
Are you sure?

Oh, snap! Expired : /


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2015-03-04 00:42:07


2015-03-12 00:42:06

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