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1977 MEGO "ChiPs" Action Figures - Loose John, MOC Ponch #30002761

Member photo Rowdy found a ...

1977 MEGO "ChiPs" Action Figures - Loose John, MOC Ponch #30002761


1977 MEGO action figures, ChiPs John and Ponch. John is loose, has all his accessories with stiff joints. There is a blue stain on the left side of his motorcycle helmet. Pin hole tear on the back of his pants but no stains or fraying of his uniform. All accessories are original, no reproductions. Ponch is mint on card with all his original accessories. Card has creases and bubble is cracked on the upper right hand corner and also has lifted from the card on the bottom. John will be shipped in a protective case. Both action figures have dis-coloration on their heads. They have turned a zombie grey.

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