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1978 DC Comics Super Villain Poster #30002789

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1978 DC Comics Super Villain Poster #30002789


This is a rare vintage original 1978 DC Comics PIN-UP POSTER, it's printed on high quality paper stock, and this poster would look excellent displayed in a frame. It would also make a great surprise gift for fans of the old classic DC Universe super-heroes. SIZE: This Official DC Comics poster pinup measures about 15 inches by about 11 inches (NOTE: The poster's size may be somewhat larger or smaller because this poster originated from a rare old DC Comics publication and the border area of the poster was trimmed to remove the poster). CONDITION: This super rare 1970's mini poster is in UNDISPLAYED "VERY FINE/NEAR MINT" CONDITION (using comic book grading terms), and it's amazing that this poster still exists after surviving the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, the 2000's, and now. This pin-up poster will be shipped to you ROLLED, in a super strong shipping tube.

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