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Limited Edition Star Wars Ceiling Fan Blades or Home Decor #30002829

Member photo Yoda found a ...

Limited Edition Star Wars Ceiling Fan Blades or Home Decor #30002829


A long time ago....In a galaxy far, far away Star Wars Character Ceiling Fan Blades Listing is for all five blades, each hand crafted, painted and signed by the artist making each one and original work of art, Each blade measures at least 20 inches long If you have a child or even an adult who adores Star Wars this is the perfect gift for them. For not even the great collectors have these yet. These are sold yet I can make new ones that will look similiar, however all brush strokes are different making each set an original work of art. Not all ceiling fans are the same so blades are not pre-drilled, please use old blades to line up holes, thanks Please allow up to three weeks for any items shipped over seas

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Star Wars
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