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We're Hiring!

FyndIt was created to help people find things in a smarter way whether they are online or offline.

Looking for that one thing and just can't find it? Now you can let people around the world know what you're looking for, AND increase the odds of a great answer by offering a little incentive ($.25, $.50, or more).

Are you that person that can always find things? Do you always know where to find the perfect piece of furniture for that room? Or the perfect fashion suggestion for that outfit? Now you can get rewarded for that.

FyndIt makes it possible. FyndIt connects people who Want stuff with people that can Find it, and increased the odds of getting awesome results by throwing in a little bonus.

Unlike other services, FyndIt's not just about finding you online shopping sites or retail stores. FyndIt let's people help you find anything, including used items, antiques, hard-to-find-replacements, or even the vague but important question "I need something that goes with this!".

FyndIt's web site and iPhone App, and is getting rave reviews from real testers. With all this positive feedback, we're building a team to make FyndIt the place to go when you're trying to find something.

FyndIt was Founded by some of the same folks who built eBay, so we know about Commerce and Connecting people. We're excited because building FyndIt not only means you'll be giving people a way to help each other out, you're giving them a way to get paid for it too.

Web Designer

New York, NY

Job Description

Are you a Designer, Graphic Designer, or Web Designer?

Would you like to work on a service which actually does something 'useful'?

Would like to help design the service which helps people find stuff, helps people earn money, and connects people who have stuff with people who actually want it?

If this sounds interesting to you, the FyndIt might be the place for you!

FyndIt is seeking a talented Designer/Web Designer/Graphic Designer to take our Web Site and mobile apps to the next level. We need you to help us design the web site and mobile applications which are functional, yet fun and approachable. You also need to be able to produce designs which embrace User Generated Content (UGC) so our customers feel good about posting what they Want, and have Found, on our service.

Like any good designer, you need to be able to put yourself "in the user's head" and see your work as they do, not as you want them to. You'll need to be able to work in all phases of a project from conception to delivery, while at the same time able to pull off smaller projects, like producing graphics or individual designs for the Web Site or mobile applications.

We're still small, so the best candidates will have some combination of Design, Graphic Design, and Web Design Skills (though not necessarily in equal proportion). You'll need to be able to work in a small team, including both local and remote folks across a variety of time zones.

But most of all, you have to be excited about what we're trying to do. FyndIt helps people connect people who want stuff with people who have it, and pay the folks that helps get that done. If that sounds good to you, then send drop us a line with a cover letter and portfolio.

Principals only. No agencies or recruiters. Sorry!

Skills & Requirements

  • You must have had at least 2 years of experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and other tools as appropriate
  • You must have had experience creating and exporting assets for use by Developers on Web or Mobile platforms
  • You've had experience optimizing assets for web and mobile platforms
  • You need to be able to manage multiple projects and tasks
  • You need to work well with others include engineers, other designers and stakeholders
  • You need a fine eye for detail
  • You need to be able to provide us with a Portfolio including at least one Web site and/or Mobile app


  • At least one published/public Web Site or Mobile App
  • Experience with HTML, HTML5, and CSS
  • Experience with Perforce, or other source control systems
  • Experience designing and conducting User Tests
  • Experience or education in User Interface design

Please send your resume and cover letter to jobs-design@fyndit.com

IOS/iPhone Engineer

New York, NY

Job Description

As one of FyndIt's IOS engineers, you'll be responsible for working with UI designers, designing, and implementing FyndIt's iPhone and iPad Apps, which will revolutionize the way people find stuff. FyndIt's IOS apps will make it easy for people to tell other what they're looking for, and easy for people to find it.

We're currently going through a re-design of our IOS App, so this will be your chance to get in on the "Ground Floor" of a shiny new app. Better than "Ground Floor" even, because all the server side code is already in place, so you'll get to focus on building a great user experience.

To do this, you'll of course need IOS experience, including UI, image capture and editing, client-server operations, location, and notification services. As a plus, you'll also have experience with the Python, JSON, client-server, and relational databases.

We'd strongly prefer someone who is local to and/or could work in Manhattan, NYC. 

Since some of our folks are remote, we need someone who can work in a long-distance team environment while still working independently and responsibly. Ideally, you will have worked with a team to have shipped at least one consumer-facing product in your career, and demonstrated the ability to design, build, and test production quality products.

While we understand that "bugs happen", we would still count on you check and test your work, understanding that every round trip through QA costs us all time and money.

Since the iPhone/Mobile experience is central to our service, you will need to work closely with our designers and everyone else to implement the best product for connecting people that Want stuff with the people who can find it.

You will know that good User Experience is hard to do, so you'll have the experience to work through design revisions, user testing, and everything else that goes into building a great product.

Principals only. No agencies or recruiters. Sorry!

Skills & Requirements

  • 2+ years IOS experience is a must.
  • You need to be able to show us at least 2 applications you're proud to have built or helped build, preferably in the Apple App Store
  • Experience with the Three20 framework is a plus (our first product was built on Three20. We're ditching it!)
  • You'll need lots of experiences with UITableView or other ways to view, filter, and examine data from our server
  • Geolocation/Geocoding service experience is a must.
  • Image handling experience is a must.
  • Client/Server application programming is central to the FyndIt experience, so you need experience with it.
  • Experience with Payment systems such as PayPal or Apple payments is very desirable.
  • Experience with Social network integration is also important, so if you have experience with it, that's great too!
  • You need to have experience with Perforce, or other source control tools.
  • Experience with Cloud computing is very desirable (AWS is ideal).
  • Experience with Perforce for source control is a plus.