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Hulk Hopper Figural Hopper Ball 1978 #20001467

UWComics is looking for a ...

Hulk Hopper Figural Hopper Ball 1978 #20001467


Sun Productions Talley Industries one of the best and coolest toys from my childhood. Aside from the Mego Elastic action Stretch Hulk - this Hulk Hopper Ball, also referred to as the Hop-bop Ball or Hippity Hop is my number one want in my ongoing Hulk collection. I am certifiable hulk-o-phile. This item was meant for toddlers stands about 18 or 20 tall and has a figural head with handles protruding from the ear areas- in this case from ole green skins head. Beyond my passion for the hulk in Comics (a collection I have completed with many multiples), I collect all things HULK but this item has eluded me. A testament to this items true rarity is the fact that I don't know if I will even be able to locate an image. I DO know it exists - I had one as a kid! and moreover, I own not one but TWO of the Spiderman versions. NOTE the image is obviously of Spiderman I have been fruitless in finding any images online-- so either it is a truly rare beyond rare or sadly my memory of it are twisted and it does not exist. But I feel strongly that it does.

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Any physical location but nothing online.


2014-07-27 15:02:35

Oh, snap! Expired : /

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$25.00 - $150.00


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Evo_Shandor found a ...

Rare~Vintage Spider-Man1978 Hippity Hop Ride On Ball~Sun Products- USA (#30001829)

Oh snap! Cancelled by Finder on 1409081393.0
"Rare~Vintage Spider-Man 1978 Hippity Hop Ride On Ball"

Approximate Price $125.00


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paladin says... 2014-08-10 03:46:05
Perhaps helpful: http://www.plaidstallions.com/hop/1980.html Original designers of this type of toy were Italian, and original name appears to be Space Hopper. I don't see any references to Sun making the Hulk edition, but surely they would have...
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Member photo mandy says... 2014-08-05 23:38:52
Congratulations, UWComics on becoming a FyndIt TMNT Contest finalist! Your Want "Hulk Hopper Figural Hopper Ball 1978" qualified as the top score for Week 2 of FyndIt's Mean, Green TMNT Contest. The judges will choose the Grand Prize winner from the weekly finalists. There are two more weeks to go in the contest. Good luck!
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