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1975 The Game of Jaws #20001633

Member photo Scooter is looking for something identical to....

1975 The Game of Jaws #20001633


Looking for a 1975 Ideal Toys, Universal Pictures The Game of Jaws game with original box and all game pieces in good condition. Box must be display worthy.

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2014-12-05 18:40:05

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Jaws Shark Vintage Game

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Member photo Superman found a ...

Vintage "The Game of Jaws" Shark Game from Ideal (c.1975) - Collectible Game, Shark Week Decor, Shark Party Oddity (#30002360)

Oh, snap! Expired
This shark game is in very good vintage condition. The original box has very minor wear, the graphic labels are still securely attached and are in excellent condition. The box was originally opened on the bottom, so the top flap is still unopened. The bottom flaps were taped shut at one time, so there is clear tape on the box, as shown. There are no missing components to this game, and the original instructions are also intact. The shark is in very good condition, as shown. There are no breaks or cracks in the plastic. The joint on the shark pieces has yellowed slightly with age, as shown. LISTING INCLUDES: - 1 Complete "The Game of Jaws" Game in Original Box (as shown) ------------------------------------------ PRODUCT DETAILS: - Product Dimensions: box is 7" x 7" x 16" tall, shark is 16" long - Product Colors: Blue, White, Grey - Product Material: Plastic, Cardstock

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