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Pearl Jam Guitar Picks from the past 25 years! #20001675

nopey23 is looking for something that goes with...

Pearl Jam Guitar Picks from the past 25 years! #20001675


Looking for Pearl Jam guitar picks used over the past 25 years. Looking for the ones in the picture but also many other older picks as well. Not needing too many of the guitar picks used in the last 6-7 years but would be interested in buying if you have any. Only looking for official guitar picks - not looking for any fake ones or ones that are made by companies that have album covers on them, etc. Thanks for any help in locating these!

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2015-02-10 00:52:04

Oh snap! Cancelled by Wanter on 1425706956.0

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Pearl Jam "Sexecutioner" 1993 World Orgy Tour Guitar Pick (#30002578)

Oh, snap! Expired
ULTRA RARE Guitar Pick. From the 1993 World Orgy Tour.

Approximate Price $202.00


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